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Protected: Crabs Project

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Last Randy Standing

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Why do the Randys fight? Why do they drink? Why do they love the cinema so? Find out in this cutting edge stop-motion animated series created by the uniquely talented Jeff Gurwood. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!


The Xeno Cell

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On a planet not so very different than our own, in a galaxy bursting with planets and extra-terrestrial life, a futuristic bad-ass, BOOKER, sorts the good from the bad. Unfortunately, when you’re that good at what you do, you make enemies and those enemies seek revenge (and, in this case, a sizeable helping of galactic domination). Sci-fi thrills that are gnarlier than a bag of knuckles.


Ring Force Five

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It is 2160 and Mt. Olympus is home to the first ever Interplanetary Olympics Training Center. During the bustle of its opening an ancient vessel is disturbed and Morae, a mischievous spirit, is accidentally released.

Desperate to avoid being imprisoned and determined to squelch the Olympic spirit, Morae abducts the ceremonial rings needed to light the everlasting flame (a monument to the spirit of Olympians past, present and future) and escapes into the past, but not before tipping off a new generation of champions, The Ring Force Five and their mentor, Master Xian, as to his motives.

These five hand-picked young athletes must travel back in time, overcome their own unique conflicts, recover the ceremonial rings and thwart Morae’s misguided plans.

Ring Force Five: a unique and historic collaboration with broadcast legend NBC, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Small World Television and Xinghua Finance Media.



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Palaputts is a new hybrid of online entertainment designed for an audience from ages 5-10. Utilizing Flash technology, Palaputts blends a rich and vibrant animated online world: safe social networking, game play driven by exploration and teamwork, developmental programming and areas encouraging creative self-expression; all designed to promote collaboration and cooperation in a guided online environment.


The Safehouse

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An online series about villains and their heroes. You can’t run but you can hide!


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