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At Whatnot?! Entertainment we are committed to innovation.

We are revolutionizing the way animation can be produced for a multi-platform digital world: from the internet to television to feature film.

We want to integrate our process with your work. We want to use our talents to elevate your brand and your business, to bring your dreams to life.

Utilizing our unique process, we will deliver you top of the line animation that is web ready (fully compatible with flash drivers), and is easily converted into downloadable mobile applications: hello! Iphone, blackberry, etc.

ZD YouTube FLV Player

Are you ready to go viral, to command a presence on the web, become infinitely accessible and effortlessly downloadable?

Our process, from conception to production is cost-effective and fluid. And totally kick-ass.

A few more examples…

The Monsterburgs

This is a teaser trailer Whatnot?! created for an independent online studio. The “Monsterburgs” is an animated series that will premiere online in the near future. You can watch for it on

ZD YouTube FLV Player


Zapping Run-Ons

“Zapping Run-Ons” is a sample lesson for an online animated interactive tutorial. This is the first of 34 lessons to be produced for the Waterman Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the proficiency rate of student writers. All content and characters are wholly owned by the Waterman Foundation. You can find more information at:

ZD YouTube FLV Player

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